I have completed the Connect.ed modules and received my certificate for doing so here…Connect.ed certificate.

I was particularly impressed with the tools that were shared along the way from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Like Sharon I am specialising in Early Childhood and I can relate to her when she says that there was not much for Early Childhood through the modules in her blog but I don’t feel that the very young are as vulnerable because they are under the closer guidance from parents and teachers about the technologies they use.   However, I was drawn to the video “tagged” for teenagers (16 +) to see the kind of things that they get up to. Mainly because I have one at home.

As I was going through the modules it was clear that I have not grown up with technologies with my dinosaur answers in the simulation about social networking!  From one of the videos an ICT teacher hit the nail on the head when he said that technologies are not bad, they are here to stay but what is important is that we teach children to use them respectfully by promoting positive and safe online behaviour.


Having a Plan B

Some of my plan B’s include:

  • Using my hotspot on my phone if the school should lose the internet.  I have an iPhone and this is how to connect to your hotspot.
  • Download any youtube video to my laptop.  See how to here.
  • Ensure that iPads/laptops that I will be using are fully charged.
  • Connect with the technology teacher at my school where I will be for Prac.
  • Ensure that the resources that are needed are available and booked out for my use.
  • Check that any apps that I want to use are installed and working.
  • Check the compatibility between my mac and the school’s computer system.
  • Always check with my mentor that the ICTs I have chosen comply with school policies.

Online Artefact: The why and how of ICTs for improving a student’s learning.

Assignment 1 done!

I did a Prezi presentation because I’ve never done one before and from some of the examples we were shown looked impressive and I was keen to learn how to make my own.  It has taken up a lot of time trying to make it look like and contain “CRAP”…. a design knowledge!  Certainly a memorable acronym that would be good to share with older students!

The colours offered for the free access to Prezi were not great but I did my best with what was available.  I tried to have a colour scheme for each of the reasons in order to distinguish easily between them.

It was difficult not to make it sound to academic, like an essay and I hope I have achieved this?  I extended myself by adding music and a voice over after a forum response from David about adding narrative and music.  I think it improves the presentation because it can be seen with or without me actually being present.  It could be embedded/uploaded on a school or class website for parents to access as they wish.

It has been a really enjoyable assignment and here it is….