They think it’s all over, it is now!

From the famous quote of the 1966 England world cup – They think it’s all over, it is now!

Not only have I finished my assignment and the semester is coming to a close but I have finished my Bachelor of Early Childhood.  My studies are over and it is time to find a job. On thanking the Head of School for hosting me on my practicum, I expressed an interest to work at the school.  Lets see what happens.

If it wasn’t for ICTs and the possibility to study online my chances of completing my Bachelor would have been much more complicated.  This course has been full on but I have learnt so much and hope that I will do justice in implementing quality ICTs to enhance students learning in the future.

I will definitely be starting a new professional blog but will sign off on this one for now. Thank you to all the ECD3100 students who have been following my journey and good luck in your future studies and careers in teaching.

Mystery Skype call

During practicum, every Thursday, the children would be visited by a mystery reader.  This was in fact a parent who would come in and read a story to the class.  The children would prepare and take it in turns to ask the mystery reader questions about their child so that they could guess who’s parent it was. Things like “Where do you come from?”,  “What colour eyes does your child have?”.  The school breaks soon for holidays and I’m thinking of contacting my mentor to suggest a mystery Skype call to read the children a story before they break for the winter holidays.  That would be fun!

Reflection on Prac

As predicted, I miss going into my year one class where I was based for my practicum.  This has been alleviated by the knowledge that I need to get my assignments done and physically can not manage both!  Looking back I was very happy at the school because I was made to feel very welcome by both the staff and the students.  I feel like I made a good attempt at integrating ICTs in the context that I had but I have certainly learnt that there are other learnings that need to be considered, if integrating ICTs is going to enhance student learning.