ICT Guru

So I gained the title of ICT Guru on Prac, which couldn’t be further from the truth but it was quite funny.  I did have the opportunity to meet the real ICT Guru at the school however.  This was invaluable and we were able to talk through the possibilities of using ICTs at the school to engage the children’s learning.

He introduced me to an apple app called “show me”(I’m not sure if it is available on android but I imagine it would be).  It is an app that turns your iPhone or iPad into an interactive whiteboard. Go here to find our more.   I used it as an assessment tool when I did a unit on money.  I was able to download coin images from the internet which the children could sort into size and value and they were also able to record or write their understandings with this app. It was means of assessing that they could recognise and describe the features of the coins and know that the value of the coin is not related to its size.

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