Scaffolding for Assignment 3

More scaffolding being built by Augapfel, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Augapfel 

Wow, there is so much content in this course.  Feeling grateful that I am only doing two courses this semester.  I have to say while it is scaffolded very well, for me there is too much reading.

In this weeks learning path I read about the breakdown of the assignment, which was very helpful.  However, something that struck me, as it did with assignment 1, was the allocation of marks to the work involved.  As I was reading through the breakdown about the lesson planning, I couldn’t believe that they are only worth 1 mark for each lesson plan, our reflection and mentor feedback.  In the advice of where people lost marks one of the dot points said,

They submit fewer than 5 lesson plans.

With an allocation of 1 mark each where is the incentive to include any?  I will of course include all five of my lessons, my reflections and mentor feedback because I want those 5 marks!  Someone else who recognises the amount of work for these assignments is Brittany and Carolyn’s blog reflects on the course in general.


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