Resources for assignment 2

Blog by GotCredit, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  GotCredit 


Christine blogs about “Smart classroom strategy” when using ICTs in the classroom with some interesting links to a number of websites.

Kimberley has shared some interesting teacher blogs.  I have managed to pick up from Primary Tech blog, information about “fotobabble”.  And from the Down under teacher blog some posters that I can use in my own classroom about the “CAFE” reading strategies.  I experienced this on my last practicum and would definitely recommend it for literacy. This is however a non ICT example!

I would like to share Alison’s blog which I stumbled across through a Facebook group that I am a member of “PYP in the early years”.   I was doing a search about the use of technology within the Early Childhood classroom and Alison shared her blog in a post.  Check out her great selection of online resources and iPad apps :).  I am particularly interested in the math resources to help me with assignment 2.



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