Online Artefact: The why and how of ICTs for improving a student’s learning.

Assignment 1 done!

I did a Prezi presentation because I’ve never done one before and from some of the examples we were shown looked impressive and I was keen to learn how to make my own.  It has taken up a lot of time trying to make it look like and contain “CRAP”…. a design knowledge!  Certainly a memorable acronym that would be good to share with older students!

The colours offered for the free access to Prezi were not great but I did my best with what was available.  I tried to have a colour scheme for each of the reasons in order to distinguish easily between them.

It was difficult not to make it sound to academic, like an essay and I hope I have achieved this?  I extended myself by adding music and a voice over after a forum response from David about adding narrative and music.  I think it improves the presentation because it can be seen with or without me actually being present.  It could be embedded/uploaded on a school or class website for parents to access as they wish.

It has been a really enjoyable assignment and here it is….


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