Copyright, Creative Commons, ImageCodr

Oh my! Just when you thought that you had a grasp on what is expected…..BOOM….we need to think about copyrights.  Having read Kate’s blog about her confusion over copyright, I was under the same impression….. as long as you reference the image or link the image, all is good…but that is not the case.

Like Kate, I have decided to have a go at loading an image the correct way on a website. Follow these simple steps:

  • Step one: Find an image that inspires calm!
  • Step two: Look for an image within the public domain, where you know you have permission to reuse the resource. Eg; Creative Commons.
  • Step three: Use ImageCodr to attribute the image correctly on your website.
  • Step four: Upload your image to your website by copying the HTML code you obtained using ImageCodr.
  • And there you have it…..

On to my assignment now.  However, I was thinking of doing a Prezi presentation and I will not be able to embed HTML into my presentation.  Hmmm…..back to referencing it!


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