Can Gaming enhance student learning?

Once again our schema plays a part in how we do things because I never play computer games and I was very despondent about having to play it. However it turned out to be a  nice change from doing reading!

I was amazed at how I got hooked and determined to work out what I needed to do for the dragon to be alone and to move to the next level.  It became clear that a negative and a positive erase themselves and that if you have the same thing in the numerator and the denominator they cancel each other out.  Therefore it was teaching me the skills and strategies of algebra in a way that is conducive to the 21st century child, where gaming is their thing.

The game is called DragonBox and I have to agree that it does secretly teach algebra. It is available for years 5 plus and 12 plus.

Why use it?  Because……

  • It is a visual way of learning math where you don’t even realise it.
  • Provides feedback to the students all the time.  There is a go back button and a help button when necessary.
  • Develops conversation where the students discuss the best way to solve the equations.
  • Kids say it is easier to concentrate because it is fun.
  • Some modelling, no reading of long instructions.

I’m off to check out years 5+……


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