Thinking about Prac and using ICTs


As I was working through the learning path “Using Diigo”, I noticed you can set up educator accounts for a classroom with many positive advantages, which you can read about further here. This made me think about being out on Practicum.  I was wondering at what age/year level could/would/should you start using this ICT?  My initial thoughts corresponded with those of Marianne Edwards in her blog post “wasting time looking for time savers”  because I could see myself wasting valuable time setting this thing up due to my lack of confidence and knowledge in its use.

I am specialising in Early Childhood and the Principles and Practices of the Early Years Learning Framework are founded on beliefs that:

children are capable and competent.

The framework also tells us that as practitioners we need to practice reflection:

Reflective practice helps us to become increasingly thoughtful about our work and motivates us to look deeper and explore new ideas and approaches.

The Australian Curriculum tells us:

In a digital age, and with rapid and continuing changes in the ways that people share, use, develop and communicate with ICT, young people need to be highly skilled in its use.

Whereas, the Queensland Teachers Union news and information letter states:

There are growing concerns regarding teacher workload due to an overcrowding of the curriculum.

However, Am I correct in thinking this ICT resource is NOT appropriate for Early Childhood practitioners (Birth – 8 years) or am I under estimating the students ability as capable and competent learners?  Am I also correct in thinking that I won’t have time to engage in this during Practicum week as the workload of the curriculum should take priority and there will be no time to introduce this ICT?

I do see the potential of its use in the classroom for example, sharing links to a number of online resources/documents that the teacher could feed into a class group (like our ICT and Pedagogy group) as a safe environment for them to access materials via the internet.

I would really be interested in what other Early Childhood specialists think about this ICT resource for Foundation – year 2.  How would you use it in the classroom?



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