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This picture popped up on my Facebook news feed today from Spirit Science and it seemed appropriate to share after following the learning path “examples of how the world is changing”.




Because without the advancement and changes of technology Stephen Hawking would find communication with others much more frustrating and difficult if he was still using one of these:



This advancement in technology has been witnessed first hand by Wendy’s blog where she shares her story about her deaf son and the advancements in hearing aid technology over the years.

Stories like these highlight the positive changes in the advancement in technology.

Interestingly, I spoke to an Early Childhood teacher who said that due to the use of touch screen devices the need to teach young children how to use and control a hand held mouse in ICT needed to be questioned. Just another example of the speed in which technology is changing and how important it is to keep up with it.

Is this what Karl Fisch meant from his “Did you know” powerpoint video?


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