Are the theories credible or not?

When I was at school the learning was explicit and we were expected to digest what we had been told and learn it by heart (rote learning). Theories and learning styles have developed and changed greatly in terms of how children are taught and how they learn. Since studying my Bachelor or Early Childhood I have heard, learnt and argued the relevance of a number of theorists such as Erikson, Piaget and Vygotsky when understanding human development and I have been exposed to the idea that each of us has a preferred learning style where we favour either visual, kinaesthetic, audio, verbal, logical, interpersonal and intrapersonal styles that guide the way we learn.  I didn’t enjoy my school years and couldn’t wait to leave and start work but having returned to education I find I am stimulated by the variety of modes provided such as reading, video, tutorials, blackboard collaborate and so on to engaging me in the courses I have taken.  I therefore find it hard to agree with “deconstructing the myth of learning styles” where they argue that the theory of learning styles have no value to a child’s learning experiences.

However, as a mature student I now know exactly what I want to do and I am therefore enjoying what I am learning. So would I still achieve even if my learning were solely from rote learning as during my school days? Is it my motivation that drives me to engage, learn and achieve? Or is it the variety of learning styles?  I believe it is a bit of both, motivation and learning styles.


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