ICT problem solving

I was chatting to a friend recently who has been teaching for many years.  She was asking me about my new courses so I told her about EDC3100 and that I had to set up a blog (amongst other things).  She started working in a new school this year and has been asked to create a website for her class so she was interested to hear what I was learning and what I could share with her.  She told me her school has an ICT specialist teacher and she thought that he should be setting up the class blogs and I agreed with her.  He has the expertise after all and it would not take him long.  What do we know about setting up a blog or blogging?  Why should the class teacher have to do it?  However, Chris Betcher reminds us that computers have been around for some 25 years and teachers need to know how to use them.  While I reflect on his words I can see that he is right, we can’t rely on an ICT specialist teacher to be at our beck and call, we need to be able to solve basic problems that occur in the classroom by ourselves.


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