Seeking Information and new learnings with ICTs

Like Tess and others in this course, I am in ore of the number of students taking this course and faced with the dilemma of how many people and their blogs to follow?  I have decided to chose people I have worked with before or who are in the same learning path of education as myself (Early Childhood).  From Tess’s blog, she shares a piece about social bookmarking.  It is a very interesting piece and you can find it here.  In the last week I having played around a little with social bookmarking tool Diigo and I regret not having known about this tool before.  I can see the immediate potential it has for my studies in the storing of information, which can be easily retrieved.  I am however still finding out how to use it and that is the frustrating part as it is so time consuming. I think this is why I am inclined not to seek ICTs as a method of helping.  I believe this course will push me to change my ideas about the benefits of social bookmarking and other uses of ICTs.  I have shared my new learning about Diigo with my son….the old fashioned way (word of mouth) but the tools to seek have been passed on!


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