Hello everyone and welcome!

I am a mature student coming back to study after raising my family. I am British, living in Singapore (due to my husbands work) and studying online at USQ Australia!  I have three sons.  Two live in England but the youngest is still at home for a couple more years.  He would like to join his brothers in the UK when he has finished school to continue his studies at university.

My iPhone with various apps, camera/photos, calendar, emails, internet and makes calls!

I am grateful for ICT’s, especially because I am living abroad.  It allows me to stay in touch with friends and family, all over the world.  I use email, internet, Facebook, Facetime, Skype and messaging on a regular basis.  I am confident with using them but I am less confident with new things such as Blogging, Diigo and Feedly.  I do not generally look for new ICT’s.  However, I was amazed with the iPhone when it first came out and all the apps that are available for it.  I ended up changing my old Motorola phone for a touch screen iPhone.  This really changed the speed of sending an SMS amongst other things!

We are surrounded by technology and therefore ICT’s and Pedagogy are essential in the classroom.  My son has done a project on digital citizenship – appropriate and responsible technology use.  This is so important in today’s world and needs to be introduced and taught early.

I am looking forward to this course and I hope what I learn will help me use ICT’s in an efficient manor within the classroom as well as personally.  I could have done with knowing about Diigo at the beginning of my studies.  It would have reduced the amount of copy and paste I have done over the years!  I’m sure that this course will help increase my confidence even if it might be a little frustrating along the way!

All the best everyone,